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IOS 10 upgrade and captive portal

Has anyone been having issues with wireless connectivity on iphones since the ios 10 upgrade? My iphone users are reporting that the captive portal page is not loading for some while others are reporting repeated disconnections every five minutes or so.  I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue and what they are doing to remedy it. Thanks. -Tony

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Re: IOS 10 upgrade and captive portal


We are having the same issue with all iPhone models, and now with updated Macs. For us, we notice the "spinning ring of death" near the battery indicator on the phone. When that disappears (after about 90 seconds), users are able to connect. Optionally, clicking our "Accept" button and waiting patiently for 60-90 seconds works most of the time. I have a ticket open with support, but we haven't made much progress.

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Re: IOS 10 upgrade and captive portal

I am having the same issues here with ios 10. I have not had any luck figuring out why they are getting disconnected but I have also noticed that if a user is connected and then moves to a different area of the building where they would connect to another access point, they can’t connect on the new access point and have to go through the entire onboarding process again. It only stays connected if they are connected to the same AP.


One other interesting thing I found was only users who have previously been onboarded and then upgraded to ios 10 are having the issue. New users/devices already running ios 10 that are onboarding for the first time are not having an issue. This leads me to think there is some type of mismatch in the certificate. However, even if we remove all certificates from the system and have the user remove all certificates from their device, they still have the issue.


Anyone else have more info or a solution? I did find a link giving some possible solutions but I'm waiting for a user to try it and get back to me. Here's the link: http://www.valuewalk.com/2016/09/ios-10-wifi-issues-fix/


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Re: IOS 10 upgrade and captive portal

We find that 10.0.1 users were fine, then when 10.0.2 hit, we've had to re-push their certificates (we use an MDM for this) and they can connect after.

As near as we can tell the upgrade damaged the iPhone's opinion of the device certificate.


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