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IP Mobility

So, I have recently moved my controllers to an L3 connected topology. As they are no longer connected together with the same L2 vlans I need to enable IP Mobility. This seemed like an easy enough idea until when I tried to add my subnets to the HAT I was confronted with the error that you can not have more than 32 HAT entries on any given controller. This is a big problem for me since I have roughly 48 subnets as of right now that need to be added into the table.


Any thoughts out there?


I am currently running in a Master/Local topology.

Re: IP Mobility

Whoa!  That's a lot of subnets...  A couple of questions:


1. Are the clients actually roaming between these local controllers?  Does it happen frequently or are they separated by some physical distance?


2. Looking at this from a bigger picture, perhaps it may be beneficial to take a look at re-architecting this WLAN space to a "flatter" type of design...again, not trying to push you in this direction...just making some initial thoughts on the info above.  


Can you provide more insight into your topology and design?



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