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IP address associated devices

Hi Everyone,


One of our networks with about 20 APs 315 just had two associated devices without an IP.  I went ahead and blacklisted the mac addresses since I do not know what those devices are or what they are doing into the network.  Is that something I can proactive set up to block any device without an IP?  What can be causing this issue?  Can it be a jailbreak phone?



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Re: IP address associated devices

Unless you set IP addresses statically, all devices will initially connect with no IP address.They have to connect in order to get to the DHCP server.

You might not want to block that.


Do they stay un-addressed or (as I see on my own controllers) do they eventually update to show either a valid IP or the self-assigned address which tells us tht DHCP failed (169.254.x.x)?


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Re: IP address associated devices

Devices stay connected without an IP.  When I reboot the AP that they are associated with, they reassociate to another AP near by.  So, I just decided to black list the mac till the device owner complains to me.

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