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IPAD Hidden SSID 802.1X MD5-Challenge

I have a customer that is experiencing a weird issue and it is only effecting IOS devices and was wondering if anybody has any ideas to try.  Here is the situation-


We are using one SSID that is hidden and uses 802.1x with a MD5-Challenge to connect.  When the SSID is hidden you type in the network name and try to connect.  It will present you with the certificate error (we are using a self-signed cert) and we hit accept.  It then asks you for your username and password.  After that it just sits there and never connects.  I see no error on the the NPS server saying anything was denied or anything.


Now for the weird part.  If I go in under the SSID profile and uncheck hide SSID it goes thru the same steps above but it connects instantly.


All windows devices work flawlessly with it hidded or with it not.  Any ideas?

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Re: IPAD Hidden SSID 802.1X MD5-Challenge

Go on the commandline and type "show auth-tracebuf" to see what is happening with that device at the time.


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Re: IPAD Hidden SSID 802.1X MD5-Challenge

Thank you Joe for the suggestion.  We currently won't be back on site till next week Wednesday.  However, I will try to pull this infomation at that time.  Thanks again!

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