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IPv4 anbd IPv6 Conexistence

Anyone have come across any document for the controller and Virtual controller for IPv6 and IPv4 conexistence?

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Re: IPv4 anbd IPv6 Conexistence

ArubaOS has full IPv6 support, but InstantOS has not. 


This is not an official list, this is what I have come across while working with these products.



- IPv6 management

- AP communication over IPv6


- Learning of client IPv6 addresses for NDP proxy (beware: currently still max 5 IPv4/IPv6 addresses per MAC address)

- Broadcast filtering does not break IPv6

- IPv6 SLAAC router advertisements will be converted to unicast when you enable VLAN pooling on a Virtual-AP profile. This means IPv6 SLAAC will not break when you enable VLAN pooling and/or dynamic VLAN assignment.

- IPv6 firewall rules and IPv6 captive portal



- Only forwarding of IPv6 packets works

- No IPv6 management

- No learning of client IPv6 addresses

- Enabling broadcast filtering will break IPv6 SLAAC

- No IPv6 firewall rules

- No conversion of IPv6 SLAAC router advertisements to unicast; thus when you use dynamic VLAN assignment IPv6 SLAAC will break

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