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IPv6 routing

I'm having some trouble getting IPv6 routing to work and am hoping someone here can help.  We're building our internal implementation using unique local address (fd00::) with every vlan having a unique /64 subnet.  All routing is done further up from the controller where the default gateways are located.  Wireless client IPv6 is working fine and users get an address and can ping out to other networks, but the controller itself can not ping out to networks that it doesn't sit on.


Router => (trunk with multiple vlans, each vlan has a /64) => controller 


fd00:0:1342:880::1/64 on router

fd00:0:1342:12::1/64 default gateway on the controller pointing to router

fd00:0:1342:12::2:1/64 controller ip address


The controller can ping the default gateway 12::1, but not the other subnet on the router (880::1).  When attempting to tracepath to 880::1, I get:

1: send failed
Resume: pmtu 128000


The controller is running  I've read various things about IPv6 routing in the OS, but given that I can define a default gateway (and have), I'm not seeing where this is breaking down.  Thanks for any help.

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