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Idle timeouts

I have 4 SSIDs in use.  Can and set an individual idle timeout per SSID?  If so where is that set? 


Additionally one of these networks is for personal devices.  Each time the user connects they have to accept a terms agreement and hit an accept button.  Users are complaining that they have to accept the terms several times a day.  I assume because the devices are going to sleep and idle time out in the controller.  So I am trying to find a way to make it so they just need to accept the terms once a day.  Any ideas?

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Re: Idle timeouts

The idle-timeout is global.

In 6.3 and above you are allowed to set it per SSID.

The alternative is an external captive portal solution like ClearPass which caches authenticated mac addresses.

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Re: Idle timeouts

Funny its always in the release just out of grasp.  :-)  Oh well at least I got my answers.  Thank you.

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