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Improvment of roaming for video streaming



I am looking for hints in improve roaming behavior. We are using a few ip cameras in our network. The video stream is displayed on an ipad. If the ipad isn't moved, the stream works well but if i walk around with the ipad in border areas to next accesspoint the connection terminates so that i have to reconnect.

I suppose it is a problem of roaming to next ap.


In the past we had similar experience with voice over wireless phones.
But at that time we did not change anything in wirelesse config.


Is there a need to enable handover-trigger or Station Handoff Assist?


Thanks for the support.

Re: Improvment of roaming for video streaming

How is this stream getting delivered ? Multicast or unicast ?

When you roam do you see a lot of packet loss , have try a ping and seeing if you see a lot timeouts during the roaming event ?

Also can you if the AP is associating to the closest AP ? ClientMatch could help you with that if this is the case
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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