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Increasing power of specific APs from the Ap group to improve coverage


We have Aruba 6000 controllers and AP125s on our campus. There are certain areas in the building where coverage is poor. I am thinking if there is any option to improve power for specific APs to improve the coverage.


The current value of "Transmit EIRP" for 802.11a and 802.11g is 15. Would it help if I increase it to 30?

What else need to be changed for this to take effect?


Does the individual AP config take precedence over group AP config?


Any suggestion/ thoughts/ideas would be helpful!



Re: Increasing power of specific APs from the Ap group to improve coverage


You can make this change in the ARM profile this is under the RF Radio profile either 11g or 11a .


I recommend you create a new one ARM profile for that particular AP-group so if you have to make the change only do it for that AP-Group / APs tied to that AP-Group 

All Profile Management_2013-07-02_07-35-12.png


To do it on a certain AP you could use the AP Specific and instead of inheriting the settings you could create a new one


Switch General Configuration_2013-07-02_07-52-13.png 

Note: Make sure that you test this (perform a site survey) or use Visual RF on Airwave or if you dont have airwave you could use the standalone version , because increasing the power on could potentially impact wireless performance if the APs hear each other too much


DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE_2013-07-02_07-39-25.png

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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