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Indoor mesh and campus AP204

Hi there,


Customer needs indoor wireless connectivity from technical room 200 meter away from the auditorium hall. Line-of-Sight is excellent through the corridor so we are thinking on wireless indoor mesh.


Do you have any recommendation for access point antennas to make the link? Maybe AP-ANT-1W or ANT-3X3-5010 for 5GHz and adapter plus AP-ANT-32 for 2.4 GHz client connectivity?



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Re: Indoor mesh and campus AP204

Indoor wireless mesh typically does not perform well because of something called the "fresnel zone".  "line of sight" is typically more than a laser sight directly between two points.  It involves something called the "fresnel zone", which is a zone that encompasses more than line of sight.



Please search the outdoor mimo mesh VRD here for "fresnel":  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Validated-Reference-Design/High-Density-Wireless-Networks-for-Auditoriums/ta-p/155578


Long story short is that mesh typically does not perform well indoors even with what is considered line of sight...

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Re: Indoor mesh and campus AP204

Agree with Colin, 200m for indoor is pretty far. Note as well none of our indoor APs have separate 2.4ghz and 5ghz connectors, so you if you use a directional antenna, both bands will go out of that antenna. You can use instead a pair of AP-228s, but those are more costly. Additionally, indoor Aps are lower powered generally so you can use external antennas but will need to up the power. 


But if you are shooting down a hallway, you can certainly try it, but performance may not be that great. 

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