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Insight not running after 6.5.2


Anyone having problems running Clearpass Insight after upgrading/updating to 6.5.2?

Yesterday, before the update I used it with no problems. Now on 6.5.2 Insight is not running properly. All it does is display the initial screen without the widgets on it  and if I try to go to “search” for  example, clicking the <search> link, all it does is refresh the initial screen, sometimes displaying some widgets, sometimes not. I tried to clear browser cache, restart browser, use another browser,  log in with local admin account, without success!!! I can only get the initial Insight screen by logging in CPPM and then clicking the ClearPass Insight link on the ClearPass Welcome  Page. Log in ClearPass Insght directly does not work either!!! We have 2 ClearPass servers (Publisher and Subscriber) and both are presenting the same behavour!!!

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Re: Insight not running after 6.5.2

We are having the same issue after upgrading to 6.5.2 . Did you find a fix for this ?

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