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Instant VPN tunnel configuration



I'm just having a good look over the UG for the new version of the Instants and was wondering a few things.


Page 251 of the UG states "Automatic configuration of GRE tunnel is supported only on Aruba Controllers. This feature is not supported on controllers running ArubaOS 6.3.x.x or lowe versions.".  Is this a typo, given the highest version available is 6.3.x.x. ?


Page 264, Table 51 does not include the 600 series controllers.  Does this mean the VPN termination of Instants is not officially supported on those controllers?  I have a working live setup with 650 controllers, so am a bit worried about that.



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ACCP, ACCX #817, ACMP, ACMX #294

Re: Instant VPN tunnel configuration

Not really sure if its officially supported but i got my Instat at home doing vpn tunnel to a 620 in the office




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