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Instant 802.1x with Mac laptops



I have read the "Mac WLAN Client Nuances" thread. It's suggested to use specific settings (disable OKC, increase key message retry count, etc.) in the 802.1x profile when there's Mac laptops in the network to avoid problems with roaming.


As far as I can tell these settings are not modifiable in the current Instant OS. What are your experiences using Instant AP's and 802.1x with Mac clients? Does it work well even though these settings aren't exposed in the OS? Maybe some of the settings have the suggested values by default on Instant?


I haven't had the chance to test this on Instants yet. I'd like to be confident that it works well before suggesting 802.1x to a client without a controller.

Re: Instant 802.1x with Mac laptops

Yep ,It's working as needed.


Roaming working lovely in Instant's. (WAZE & Everything.ME - both using a lot of Apple products in their facilitates and i deployed for them Instant's-105 units - no complains at all! :)




Just be sure - to update to the lastest OS version and configure your 802.1x as needed.

And as alawys read before,i added for u some links:






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Re: Instant 802.1x with Mac laptops

Thanks, that's great news! I'll have to test this when I have the chance.

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