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Instant AP + Guest Access how it's works ? need trunk ports ?



I've got some questions regarding the Instant AP and the guest wifi setup.


Actually i'm going to deploy for the first time a bunches of Instant AP with 2 SSID, internal and guest.


How the Guest access work ? do i need to setup all the port of my ap's connected to the switch with trunk ? 


Yes a controller, you can manage it over the controller but without... how it's works ? Do we have some documentation do get how i can setup it ?


Many thanks in advance.



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Re: Instant AP + Guest Access how it's works ? need trunk ports ?



You have some options for the uplink. I mostly configure the uplink with an untagged management vlan and the user/guest vlans as tagged. You can also tag all vlans on the uplink but you'll have to configure that on the IAP's as well. If you don't have a management vlan and use the user vlan instead (untagged), you'll have to configure the vlan under the SSID as default. For tagged vlans you'll use the options static or dynamic and enter the VID(s) in the field. 


Short story, your IAP's are their own controller. When it receives an IP address, you should be able to connect to an open network called "instant". That should redirect you to the management page. You should be able to find multiple user guides online. 


Hope that helps

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