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Instant AP and ClearPass

Hi all,


I need to deploy IAP where  users could access internet by clicking  user acceptance policy (UAP)

The splash page will is hosted on Clearpass Guet. Although  I ran into few issues at the start, I managed to get this up and running.

Any pointers would be very much appreciated.

I created a new web login page and the parameters are as follows:

  • Authentication: Anonymous (Do not require a username or password)
  • Anonymous User :AAA_Guest
  • Pre-auth check :Local-match a local account
  • Terms :  enabled “requires a term and conditions confirmation”


The questions I have for the above setup are as follows:

  1. what is the upper limit  for the number of sessions allowed using the AAA_guest username?
  2. can we control the  duration per each session for this account?
  3.  I also realised that a user session is times out quickly. Is there a way extend the captive portal timeout period?                      The inactivity timeout on the IAP virtual-controller is set to 1000 seconds. For example if I gotoa website staon it for few minutesand  click  link within the same stie, I will need to accept the terms of use( this is only form of auth we use)
  4. last not least, is this the best approach to achive the above mentioned outcome?



I also noticed that sometimes I get re-directed  to https://instant.arubanetworks.com:4343/ instead of the requested site.

As I'm a newbie on Aruba I'm sure I'm missing something fundamental here.


If you have any pointers/advice I would appreciate it very much.





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