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Instant AP issue with using RAP3s

OK I am going to be putting these RAP3s out in the field for kiosk stores in Malls so they can connect back to corp through the controller.


Here are some of the requirement:


1. I need to have each RAP3 be setup to give out a different Class C DHCP address of 10.130.x.x

2.  When the uplink goes down I will need the RAP to stay up and be able to route on the internal network.

3. Any traffic that needs to come back to corp will then be routed back to the controller and then be trunk to the core and route from there.

4.  Any thing that needs to go to the 10.130.x.x network from corp with then be routed to the right RAP Instant-AP.


Each RAP will have its own network and communicate back to corp. 


I did this last year with the RAP5 but had to do all of the configuration on the controller by using an AP group for each RAP5.  The only issue with that is if the uplink goes down the RAP5 cannot sustain connection and keeps rebooting.  Thus taking down the internal network.  That is why we are trying the RAP3s. 


Just throwing this out there to see if anyone has done this and if so what does your setup look like.  I have not been successful with it yet. 

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