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Instant AP's transmit power output

Hi Team, 


Looking to get confirmation from the aruba team/Aruba guru. 


See below AMP screen shot. 


My assumption is that the 20dbm Tx power stated above is the total EIRP output, which takes into consideration the antenna gain and the power transmitted by the access point.

If this is correct, assuming the antenna gain is 14dBi the effect Tx power would be 4mW?


Therefor setting the transmit power (below screen shot) is effectively setting the max EIRP value? 




Have i over looked something or am i right?





Re: Instant AP's transmit power output

All power settings, and as well the views in the 'non debugging commands' in Aruba OS and Aruba Instant are in EIRP, where the antenna gain is taken into account. So if you have an AP with 14 dBi antenna system (internal/external), if the displayed value is 20 dBm, the transmitter output is 6 dBm (20 EIRP - 14 gain), which is indeed 4mW.


If you set the radio to 0 dBm, with this 14 dBi gain, your EIRP will be 14 dBm.


Note that the setting in your screenshot sets the output power fixed, so it will not change; in the (default) option 'Adaptive radio management (ARM) assigned', you can set the channel and the Maximum power (EIRP) that ARM will use. If ARM detects lots of co-channel interference (neighboring APs on the same channel), it will pick a lower value than the maximum.


Does that answer your question??

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