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Instant IAP 207 Captive portal - Facebook authentication issues with iOS devices



We recently installed a standalone Aruba IAP 207 access point providing an open guests network with Facebook authentication. While connecting with Android devices, Windows mobile devices, Windows computers and MacOS computers, the authentication is working fine. When connecting to this guests network, we have no internet access before authenticating to Facebook or entering the bypass code. It's working fine.


When connecting to the same guests network with iOS devices, the Facebook authentication is not working, and much more serious, all iOS users have a direct internet access without authenticating on Facebook or entering the bypass code. (Like if iOS devices automatically bypass the Facebook authentication and gain internet access without doing anything.) No Facebook authentication page appears, no pop-up asking to connect, no webpage redirection in their web browser, just a direct internet access like on a totally open Wifi network without secuity and without authentication or captive portal.


We are actually using Aruba Instant IAP-207 with firmware version The guests network is an open Wifi network with no security. The Facebook authentication has been configured following the Aruba procedure on page 132 of this guide:


The facebook authentication is working fine on every devices except iOS devices.


Is there someone else encountering same issues with iOS devices and Facebook authentication ? And does someone have a solution or ideas to solve this problem ?


Thanks in advance for your replies.

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