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Instant Mesh Network / No Connection to Mesh Portal

I'm trying to set up two Aruba IAP 215’s (one as the preferred master) in a instant mesh network, both have the same firmware (, I followed the instructions below, assigned static IPs in the same subnet for both IAPs and the virtual controller (VC), disconnected the IAP 215 that I want to have set up as the mesh point from the switch, plugged the mesh point into a different HP PoE switch and powered it up, but it won’t connect to the preferred master (mesh portal). Only the mesh portal shows up in the VC. However, if I unplug and power off the preferred master (mesh portal) then the other IAP 215 (mesh point) will show up in the VC as the elected master (mesh portal).


Any ideas on what I can do to get both of the Aruba IAP 215’s to connect to each other?


To provision IAPs as mesh IAPs:

  1. Connect the IAPs to a wired switch.
  2. Ensure that the Virtual Controller key is synchronized and the country code is configured.
  3. Ensure that a valid SSID is configured on the IAP.
  4. If the IAP has a factory default SSID (instant SSID), delete the SSID.
  5. If an extended SSID is enabled on the virtual controller, disable it and reboot the IAP cluster.
  6. Disconnect the IAPs that you want to deploy as mesh points from the switch and place the IAPs at a remote

location. The IAPs power on without any wired uplink connection and function as mesh points and the IAPs with

valid uplink connections function as the mesh portal.

Re: Instant Mesh Network / No Connection to Mesh Portal

Is this the same person?





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Re: Instant Mesh Network / No Connection to Mesh Portal

Took care of the connection issue from the mesh points to the mesh portal. Had to disable switch ports on the HP PoE switches so that they only provided power to the mesh points.

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