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Instant Mesh



I have created a Mesh using IAP 275 access points. I followed the procedure in the latest release notes.


1. Connect the IAPs to a wired switch.

2. Ensure that the VC key is synchronized and the country code is configured.

3. Ensure that a valid SSID is configured on the IAP.

4. If the IAP has a factory default SSID (Instant SSID), delete the SSID.

5. If an extended SSID (ESSID) is enabled on the VC, disable it and reboot the IAP cluster.

6. Disconnect the IAPs that you want to deploy as mesh points from the switch, and place the IAPs at a remote

location. The IAPs come up without any wired uplink connection and function as mesh points. The IAPs with

valid uplink connections function as mesh portals.


When I i repowered up my Mesh point it would not create a Mesh with the Mesh portal. After carrying out some debugs I found that reason for this was my current IAP cluster on site had the extended SSID disabled and the autojoin was on. If i turned off auto join off on our current site cluster the Mesh point would join the Mesh portal on the new cluster.


I read that if there is more than one Instant cluster then the Mesh point will not join the Mesh Portal as part of the cluster. Is this correct? If so is there a way round this?


Second question

If i disable 80Mhz wide band option the Mesh link drops to 20MHz. Disabling VHT removes 802.11ac function. But should the Mesh link not use 40Mhz as 802.11n is still supported?




Re: Instant Mesh

There is currently no way to bridge groups of IAPs in the same cluster with an IAP mesh link. Each building's IAPs owuld need to be on separate networks and form their own cluster. So you would ostensibly have to manage the two IAP clusters separately. 

Jerrod Howard
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Re: Instant Mesh

Hi Jerrod,


I am not trying to bridge IAP clusters. I was trying to create a new seperate cluster using two new instant APs. I created them as a normal cluster and this worked fine. When i changed them to a mesh cluster the mesh point would not join the cluster. The reason for this was that on my exising cluster extended SSID was disabled and autojoin was on. This seemed to prevent the mesh point joining the new cluster that it was provisioned on.


So does this mean that if there any existing IAP clusters in the area that I am deploying next to my new mesh cluster. Will this possibly prevent the mesh points from joining if the extended SSID is disabled and autojoin is on?



Re: Instant Mesh

If there is an Instant cluster on the same L2 of the mesh point, the wired discovery of the adjacent IAP cluster will supercede the mesh uplink and it will join the other cluster. The only way to prevent this would be to put the mesh point on a different wired network (different L2 domain or different L3 network) from the IAP cluster on the same network, so that it finds nothing on the wire when it comes up.

Jerrod Howard
Distinguished Technologist, TME
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