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Intel 7260-N NIC Continually Dropping Off the Network

I have a customer that has 400+ healthcare carts with Intel 7260-N NIC cards in them.   The customer has been experiencing continuous problems with the NICs in the carts dropping their WLAN connection.  The funny thing is no other WLAN devices are having major issues with disconnects like these carts.  When monitoring these carts via debug in the controllers we see "Deauth" messages from the clients.  We are seeing timeout issues where the controllers drops the connection due to a client inactivity.  The Global timer kicks in and the user gets dropped due to a 1000 second timeout (User Idle Timeout and Station Aging Timer).  We increased the User Idle Timeout to 2040 seconds to see if this helps in keeping the clients up.  We are still monitoring this change to see if it has helped.  Currently 3 carts had their NICs replaced with different manufacturer NICs and they have not had a problem.


Has anyone been running these specific Intel 7260-N NICs with any success and is anyone else seeing the same type of problems?  If so, can you please share how you make them work?     


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Re: Intel 7260-N NIC Continually Dropping Off the Network

802.11k has been known to cause problems with Intel Nics if "quiet ie" is not disabledin the 802.11k settings.  Best to just disable 802.11k from that SSID if it is enabled.


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