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Intel 7260-ac - Driver (Bookmark this one)

I have a ticket open with Intel about random disconnects. I have a few hundred Lenovos with the 7260ac adapter. Randomly we’re seeing clients sending a dauth for what appears to be no reason. 


When asked if they publish release notes on their drivers they responded NO, not public facing.. Which I knew from past experince. However, the SE I spoke with provided me the release notes for the lastest driver, 


I wanted to share with the group.  I also shared my frustration with navigating around Intel site for their cards, drivers and documentation. They provided a great link which is bookmark worthy. It lists all their wifi nics, documents and drivers. Also does a comparison. 





Intel 7260ac -

The following are the fixes and know issues. 

 5007 errors resulting in connection drops ("Limited connectivity")
 Device manager yellow bang when run System On/Off S3/S4
 Black screen when run System On/Off S3.
 Coex - wrong CI implementation for FAT channel (40Mhz)
 WiFi/BT Coex: Driver RLC remain 1x1 after BT inquiry
 WiFi/BT Coex: invalid RLC parameters (antennas status) after disable/enable BT device. Driver  RLC remain 1x1.
 WiFi/BT Coex: Low WiFi Tx/Rx TpT While BT connectable
 WiFi/BT Coex: WiFi doesn't always use the shared antenna to transmit in Coex scenarios
 WiFi/BT Coex: Low WiFi TpT when paired with BT devices.
 BSOD during driver installation 
 WiDi First time pair fails after resume from D3

Known Issues:
Power Consumption in idle and traffic states not meeting POR
5005 0x1CDD assert while enabling Airplane mode with WIDI open Session
5002 0X0034 uCode sysassert while connected to AP and hosting softAP
WiDi SCM low PAN TPT when connect to AP at low RSSI
With Netdetect enabled, HW RF Kill assertion sometimes causes assert 5005
WiAMT – host driver does not connect with 3 seconds in passive mode after resume from Sx
WiAMT – Sometimes WebUI inoperable after wake from Sx
CS - WiFi remains active for up to 1 minutes after activity ceases

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Re: Intel 7260-ac - Driver (Bookmark this one)

What I was given is what I posted in my orginal post .. :)



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Re: Intel 7260-ac - Driver (Bookmark this one)

Thanks George.


Intel absolutely drives me nuts not publishing the release notes.  It's very difficult to recommend driver updates when a list of known issues is not published so you never know what you're getting into.

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Re: Intel 7260-ac - Driver (Bookmark this one)

Do you have a copy of those release notes?

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Re: Intel 7260-ac - Driver (Bookmark this one)

What I was given is what I posted in my orginal post .. :)



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Re: Intel 7260-ac - Driver (Bookmark this one)

For this I have also seen that by default the HT mode is set to VHT. Once I have changed this to be 'Auto' in the wireless adaptor settings on the client the connection is stabilised.



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