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Inter-vlan routing issue on 7210 controller

I have 2 VLANs that I need to use a 7210 Mobility Controller to route between.
Subnet for VLAN 5 is, controller IP address is
Subnet for VLAN 30 is, controller IP address is

Wireless clients are on VLAN 5. They need to route to a wired Windows server on VLAN 30.

I had this working fine until I made a few configuration changes to the controller. The changes were:


Change the regulatory domain profile to remove many 5 GHz channels


change the ARM profile (both a and g) to marginally increase minimum transmit power and


disable client-match


enable csd-override on the ht-radio-profile (for both a and g radios)


enable call-admission control


change the following settings in the ht-ssid-profile for the VLAN 5 clients:
max-tx-a-msdu-count-be 10
max-tx-a-msdu-count-bk 10
max-tx-a-msdu-count-vi 3
max-tx-a-msdu-count-vo 3
no 40MHz-enable
no 80MHz-enable


enable the following edca parameters for both ap and station
video aifsn 2 ecw-min 3 ecw-max 4 txop 94 acm 1
voice aifsn 2 ecw-min 2 ecw-max 3 txop 47 acm 1


change the following settings for the SSID profile used by the VLAN 5 clients:
dtim-period 2
g-basic-rates 5 11
g-tx-rates 5 6 11 12 18 24 36 48 54
wmm-ts-min-inact-int 3600000
wmm-vo-dscp "46"
wmm-vi-dscp "40"
wmm-be-dscp "0"
wmm-bk-dscp "0"


diasble the ARP broadcast filter for the VLAN 5 client virtual access point


enable the following traffic management settings for both a and g radios:
bw-alloc virtual-ap "FC-VoWLAN-vap_prof" share 100 enforcement hard
report-interval 1

The strange thing is that the inter-vlan routing worked fine when I made the changes but failed within a few hours. Reverting to a backup config before these changes were made makes inter-vlan routing work again. Werid, right?

Please help!

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Re: Inter-vlan routing issue on 7210 controller

Why are you making these changes if you dont mind sharing ?

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Inter-vlan routing issue on 7210 controller

Hi Victor,


I am following a configuration guide for Spectralink 8400 series SIP handsets (specific guide for Aruba controllers, published by Spectralink). The handsets support a limited number of 5 GHz channels that are only a small selection of the valid channels for my regulatory domain (Australia).