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Interface management msr2000

Hi all
I've setup eth0 as trunk and VLAN 212 native also as a management interface. I ping from VLAN 211 unreachable, What about false in my config?

I hope can help me

Re: Interface management msr2000

You could post your config, otherwise I would assume either the management IP is not set correctly or the switch uplink isn't correct.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: Interface management msr2000

Thank's jerrod

Here's my config, by the way the switch I used catalyst.

Re: Interface management msr2000

I don't see a default gateway, so are you trying to access the AP from the same subnet? Is this an old or a new MSR? Have you connected your laptop directly to it through a power injector and then can you see 212? If you change the port to access on 212, can you then see it?


Here is what my lab setup looks like, SSID carries on 150, management is on 100. 


interface gigabit-ethernet 0

mode gateway

switchport trunk allowed-vlan 100,150

switchport trunk native vlan 100

interface loopback 0

ip address from-mac


interface vlan 1


mtu 1500

interface vlan 100

ip address

mtu 1500

ip route


Jerrod Howard
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
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