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Intermittent issues with iPads & captive portal

Thought id nailed this the other day when things seemed to work... Sometimes things work, sometimes they dont.. there seems to be no particuar pattern to it.  Things tend to not work when Im showing the boss that it does, then when hes gone, it works!


I can do a factory reset on the ipad (v2 with IOS v613), select the language etc.. then the available wifi's appear.  I enable the settings, so I can go in and select Auto for the proxy server, then connect.


I enter a passcode to connect, and sometimes it will connect, other times it says it cannot join the network.  When it does this, sometimes I can leave it a few mintues, then try again and it works.  I then get the CPNA appear with the login page, so I login in using AD credentials, the confirmation page appears with "Close" button, but this doesnt work, however, I can select the Done option.  I can then proceed with Activation.  The proxy server has been configured to allow connectivity to the necesary apple acitvation destinations.


Sometimes when trying to join the network, it tells me there is no internet connection, and wont proceed.


I wish it would eithe rjust work, or not at all.. the fact this it sometimes does, then sometimes doesnt it making it difficult to trouble shoot.  Its aalmost like things arent always happening when they should, but then when you try again, it works.


I can do a reset and connect, login and activate first time.. then five minutes later, try it all again, then it doesnt work.


Any suggestions??



We are using v5.0.4.12 AOS, and are limited to this.





Re: Intermittent issues with iPads & captive portal

Do we have this CP issue only with IPAD`s or apple deivces ? Plase confirm if Windows, Andriod works fine.


Not sure if we are hitting with the below apple issues.Please find below link . 






Also it would be great if you can upload the "show tech-support"  to verify the config.



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Re: Intermittent issues with iPads & captive portal



I was aware of the issues y ou stated.. But Im courious as to why sometimes it simply works great.  I can connect to SSID, CPNA pops up but I can login in fine, and proceed to activate the IPAD, I can then lauch safari and browse...  All web traffic goes via a proxy server, which allows all traffic to the required apple destinations for activation etc.. ports have also been allowed through firewall.


I can then reset the device, try to connect, and then run in to problems such as it not joining the network and complaining it has no internet connection.  I can then reboot, and it works fine!


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