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Intermittently Slow AP125

I have a floor with  (3) AP125 access points on it. One of them starts to slow up intermittently.


Let me go back 3 weeks in time when school was back in session here and more users around of course, the building was not really used over the summer. Users in 1 particular area, where this AP in question sits right outside of, said the network was coming to a crawl. When I went to troubleshoot, the AP in the controller looked OK, no obvious errors, and just a small about of clients attached to it. I forced my laptop to connect to the other 2 WAPs on the floor and everything worked perfectly. So I rebooted the AP and all was well for a few hours and then it started to slow up again. I replaced the WAP and now 3 weeks later I am getting the same reports.



Re: Intermittently Slow AP125


What do you mean by slow AP125 ?


- The performance for you to get to any network resources ?

- Slow for you to connect ?



Please run the following command :


show ap arm history ap-namee <apname> = This will show you if there's many channel/power changes and reason


Also when this happens how many users do you see connected to that AP :


show ap active = will let you know how many users are connected on  "a" and "g"


Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Intermittently Slow AP125

Thx Victor, the APs perfromace is slow, any clients connected to it have a lot of trouble browsing the Internet etc. They turn their Wireless off, go down the hall, turn back on and connect to another WAP and they are fine.


I ran the commands but this newbie is having some syntax trouble, getting an error "% Invalid input detected at '^' marker."  when running "show ap arm history ap-name 2FL-Rorer-W.IDF2-D144-2" at the host prompt "(willowgrovewifi.sch.org) >"


I am reviewing some syntax on the Aruba site for help but if you know what I am doing wrong?

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