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Interpret CLI Diagnostic Commands

show ap debug client-table ap-name "primary"

Part of the output of this command: UAPSD:(VO,VI,BK,BE,Max SP,Q Len) 0,0,0,0,N/A,0 - this is an example (what if the zeros are ones?)

My question: where can I find a discussion about CLI diagnostic commands. I have a list I created but expert help with this subject is most appreciated.

Thanks kindly, Paul


Re: Interpret CLI Diagnostic Commands

hi Paul

if they are all zeroes then either

a> client does not support UAPSD

b> UAPSD is disabled on ssid profile

c> client has UAPSD disable (i.e. recent intel 7260 drivers)


if they are all 1s, i.e.

5c:c5:d4:7c:a3:44  v1-7030-psk  ac:a3:1e:b7:df:30  Associated   cWvSsEbM  0x1  Awake       (1,1,1,1,all,0)  166      212      0        6           866      780      44            43           2[0x3]     Thu Sep  3 15:46:16 2015  Thu Sep  3 15:46:16 2015  (0,0)             0          100/88

then client has negotiated to use UAPSD


things like this are not often documented (especially when the command is a debug command as this one is), if you have questions, just open more posts to the forum.





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