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Iphone issues with connecting to email while connected to wireless


We have 6 Aruba instant wireless access points. We currently have the  network logon set up and the guest logon broadcasting. There are not issues connecting to either broadcast with any device.

However, Iphones(seemingly only iphones/possibly ipads) are having  trouble connecting to their email accounts via the email app on the phones. 

Our companies exchange accounts, which run off of 365, is able to connect from their phones, but others such as Yahoo and Gmail are not able to, despite working when not connected or connected to other wifi, such as at home or other offices. They all keep getting the error message (Cannot Get Mail, The connection to the server failed)

We have all services allowed on both  the network and guest broadcasts. I honestly have no idea what is causing it and I would appreciate some ideas. I can definintely break down into more detail if needed.


Thank you. 


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Re: Iphone issues with connecting to email while connected to wireless

Shooting from the hip here- are you certain all servies are allowed?

You may want to post your firewall settings for review.


Another thought- Traffic from you wifi network is perhaps treated differently by another filter somewhere in the line. For example, a third party web filter, or another firewall.



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