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Is anyone using AOS

I'm curious if anyone is using and could give me any pros/cons to it or issues you've run into? We are currently on and have run into some bug issues, but I want to be careful about which version to upgrade to. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Is anyone using AOS

Most of the 8.x versions have had major bugs in them. broke Airgroup/mDNS for me, among several other things.


8.3 runs wayyyyy better than or any 8.2.x for that matter.

There are still some bugs in 8.3, but no major bugs that I've found so far.


NTP is still finicky.

Some APs show incorrectly as up, down, or not at all still.

From an end user perspective, its the best 8.x so far.


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Re: Is anyone using AOS

Agree with Iann: 8.3 is the best so far in AOS8. I upgraded from 8.2.3 to 8.3 with no issue. Fixed in 8.3 for me: in 8.2.3 APs are showing down at MM but up at MD ; ARP causing some Windows hosts to disable its NIC.
Enhance CLI I though it is useful: when I am in CLI and change mode to MD device to configure, I was confused because the new thing I made did not show up unless I have to change mdconnect. In 8.3, a message warning to do mdconnect to run on the device node.
Tip to work with CLI in AOS 8: If you want to do configuration or make change in MD, open two ssh's to MM and MD. Think MM is write only and MD is read only.

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Re: Is anyone using AOS

There is a bug, 180340 where AP-135s cannot boot to if you have AP-135s I would contact TAC before upgrading.

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Re: Is anyone using AOS

Hey Milleriann,


What OS version did you have to go to in order to fix the mDNS issue or was there another fix for that? We are currently on having issues with Airgroup/mDNS.





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Re: Is anyone using AOS

We are on and we still have the AirGroup issues and mDNS crashing. I was told by TAC that will be out in September and should have some fixes.

That being said, was released recently. Finally, Aruba has released a "Conservative" release for 8.x. The release notes have multiple fixes for AirGroup and mDNS crashing in it.


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