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Is grouding must for outdoor AP as well as LAR


In outdoor installation is grounding must for all 3: for AP-175 (or any outdoor MSR/MST) and LAR-1 and power injectors?
 or is it okay only for AP.


Re: Is grounding must for outdoor AP as well as LAR

U should consider - that electric shock to the unit / poe / ant - can cause the equitment to malfunction and to be broken.


A. ground the AP unit itself.

B. gound by LAR for the ant's (for each ant port)

C. if you are using POE injectors that are indoors - you should be fine - just make sure your wiring infrastructure is weather proofed.

     if you are using POE injector that are outdoor - yes you should also ground those units.



That's it. :smileyhappy:


Perfect outdoor installation - will save u headaches later on - and will make you site solid = happy client :)

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