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Issue about AP-225 connected only 100Mbps PoE Adapter .

Hello All.


I have a question about Issue of AP-255.


issue is as follows :


1. Connected 100Mbps PoE Adatper to AP-225 of factory product.

2. LED status of AP-225 is Power On / Eth0 Off  ( can not connect Aruba Controller )

3. used to AP-225 power is 52V 350mA and PoE adapter power is 48V 350mA

4. but, Eth0 port of  AP-225 is connected only Data port Switch.

           and Eth1 port of AP-225 is connected only 100Mbps PoE adapter.

5. so  Result is LED status of AP224 is Power On / Eth0,1 ON ( Connected Aruba controller )


what is problem ?


Please answer to me.


Thank you.

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Re: Issue about AP-225 connected only 100Mbps PoE Adapter .

You have eth0 in a switch and eth1 plugged via PoE? You need to plug the injector into eth0 and plug the data port of the injected into the switch. Also ensure its minimally 802.3af compliant. Preferably we'd use 802.3at compliant.
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