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Issue with WIFI roaming between APs

I am getting feedback from my users that the wifi roaming is not working when users goes from one level to another level in the building.


I have an Aruba 7210 controller, with:
1) 15 AP groups, each AP group containing the APs for the corresponding level

2) 15 WLANs, each AP group with its own WLAN (the ESSID is all set to the same name) as each AP group is assign a different VLAN corresponding to the level (all VLANs is sharing the same DHCP pool)


Is there anyway wifi roaming can be achieve in my setup?



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Re: Issue with WIFI roaming between APs

You should have 1 ap-group with a single VLAN that all of your access points needs to be in.  Changing VLANs when roaming between floors is not scalable, because you could roam to an access point on another floor while you are physically on the same floor;  That would give the user a different ip address and disconnect all of their applications, and create helpdesk tickets.  SOLUTION:  Dedicate a single VLAN to your WLAN for the whole building.  Users would maintain a consistent ip address and their applications would continue to work.  Having a VLAN per floor creates considerable management difficulty and it exposes users to a poor experience.


Modern-day WLANs are designed expecting users to maintain the same ip address in the same roaming domain.

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