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Issue with wireless bridging on the client side.

Prior to swapping all my AP's to IAP 305's that point to Aurba Central, I had HP MSM430's that pointed to a MSM720 controller. 

After swapping them out I started having issues with the Moxa NPort devices we use to wireless connect our CNC machies to network. I have attached a PDF that references what I am trying to fix and what they recommend on older Cisco AP's that connect to a local LAN controlller.

In short

The moxa allows a serial connection to communicate over the wifi. They also have a pass through option that allows you to attach a network cable from the moxa to device like a pc or in our case an MTConnect enabled Controller on a CNC machine.

The Moxa has an IP of (example) that it gets from a dhcp server running on the domain contoller. The CNC Controller has a static ip of With the old HP AP's I could ping both and at the same time. Once I swapped out the AP's to the Aruba's I can only ping one of the IP addresses and it's almost random which one responds. I this set up on 10 or so machines so the random part is a few machines will respond with the Moxa ip, and others will only respond to the CNC Controller assigned IP. Since the controllers are different manufactures I am guess that is were the random part comes in.

Either way I am no longer able to ping both on any of them. They all worked flawlessly prior to AP swap out. The Moxa's that are not being used in Pass Through Mode work fine. 

The attached document references enabling global multicast mode and setting the AP to passive. None of that really matches up on the Aruba at least as to what I am seeing. I did turn of ARP filtering but that didn't make an immediate difference. I am waiting for someone to reboot the moxa to see if that does something. 

Thanks for reading this long post. Hoping someone has some idea. 

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