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Issues with licensing pool

Hello Everybody,

I have a strange behaviour with my lab environment (not productive):

  • 2x Mobility Master (L2 redundant, working s expected)
  • All licenses have been installed/activated and MM rebooted afterwards
  • Licenses are valid 'til May 2019
  • When I try to set license limit for a pool I get following message:
    Can't find GSM license available count. Please add license at root first.
  • I can add MM licenses to a pool but no other license (AP count, PEFNG, MC-VA)
  • Deleting/re-creating a pool has no effect, issue happens on 8.2.1 and 8.3.0

Does anybody know this behaviour? Is this a special issue of licenses with expiring date? Our customers with permanent license never told me about such a behaviour.

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