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L3 controller with Local Captive Portal

I have a controller configured for Layer3 in that it will host the L2/L3 for several networks and use a single uplink and default route to reach the rest of the network. 


I am having issues with Guest Redirect if I place the VAP on one of these L3 networks. The Guest gets an IP but never gets redirected to the local Captive Portal (using the controllers captive portal).


If I move the VAP to the VLAN configured for the uplink, it works fine. 

Not sure what I am doing wrong. 


Trunk interface - Only VLAN 1 allowed


VLAN 1 - (Controllers IP)



VLAN 20 -

Operstate UP


Return paths are created in the infrastructure. I can ping with no issues. I can  even stand up DHCP in the infrastructure for VLAN 20 and it will offer an IP to the client. 


VAP on VLAN 20 - Captive Portal Redirect does not work 

CAP on VLAN 1 - Client gets redirected without issue. 



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Re: L3 controller with Local Captive Portal


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Re: L3 controller with Local Captive Portal

I did every search imaginable on the forumn and did not come across that. Thanks! It did the trick!! 

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