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LACP Between HP and Aruba 3400

My core switch is an HP 5400 series

2 x Aruba 3400 Controllers in a master/local config

Aruba OS



We are running 85 AP's and average 550 wireless clients.  We are starting to see some slow network access at high traffic times.  I would like to try setting up 2 links from the controller to the core and see if that helps.


Seems like configuring the Aruba side is fairly straight forward and documented.  Is there anyone who has done this with HP and would be willing to share their config on the HP switch side?



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Re: LACP Between HP and Aruba 3400

Have not done this with HP switches but all of my controllers are running LACP to our Brocade switches without issue.

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Re: LACP Between HP and Aruba 3400

I think  that with HP procurve, by default LACP is on every port by default.  Currently, i have a couple of stacks that are connected by 4 x gigabit copper connections and have LACP configured.  Configuring it to work between 2 similar HP switches is very simple and works very well.


Hopefully someone who's figured it out can save me a lot of headaches :)



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Re: LACP Between HP and Aruba 3400

This document helped me set it up on the HP Procurve switches. 


If you still have trouble i can pull the configs of the switches and send them to you. 

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Re: LACP Between HP and Aruba 3400

I don't have a test aruba controller, but i do have a test cisco switch


Is it safe to assume that if i can make this work between an HP and Cisco switch, that the aruba controller is similar enough to Cisco that the config would be very similar?

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