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LACP striping on AOS8.4



I am trying to configure LACP striping on a test 8.4 system. We have this configured on 6.5 so I am familiar with the normal set-up. The 8.4 user guide looks to be suggesting basically the same process, but I am a little confused as to what LMS address I would use in the LMS:striping IP mapping. The instructions say very clearly that the LMS address specified in the LACP mapping should be the same as the LMS address specified in the system profile - but in a cluster set-up isn't the LMS address going to be the cluster address? Can I use that as the address for LACP striping? It seems unlikely.

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Re: LACP striping on AOS8.4

For anyone else wanting to know - it is not necessary to set LMS striping up on AOS8.

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