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LACP through 3600's to 3Com 5500's

We recently rebuilt our entire Aruba configs. We setup vlan pooling, Airgroup, etc in a Master/Local configuration. 


The only snag we ran into was getting the aggregate links and LACP working. Out consultant was positive that it was setup correctly on both ends, but because our 3Com had no options for setting up a "passive" mode on the aggregate links, it wouldn't work. There is virtually not options with setting up the AL's. Just "static" or Manual. 


Has anyone had any experience with running aggregate links on a 3Com 4800G-EI with Aruba controllers?


I'm back to running single ports  for 90% of our network traffic and would prefer to get a little more robust link. 

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Re: LACP through 3600's to 3Com 5500's

Couple thoughts:


I've been searching on the HP forums (now owns 3Com) and the "passive" mode that I heard of is only supported in non-trunk links. So that means we couldn't use passive mode since all the links connecting to our Aruba are trunks due to our Vlan Pooling. 


I've seen some talk about the 3Coms needing to use GVRP in order to get anything other than the Default VLAN trunked through the aggregate links, as mentioned here:




I'm just curious if this would play nice with the Aruba side of things. 


Is anyone using aggregate links in a situation with trunks going to your controller?

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Re: LACP through 3600's to 3Com 5500's

Yes, it's very common use a port-channel/aggregated link and tag VLAN's over it (thus trunk interface).


Post the relevant config of your 3Com switch and Aruba controller. Are you using a Bridge-Aggregation interface with "link-aggregation mode dynamic"?


I'm not really sure if the 5500's support this since it is a older version of Comware, I've built it before but with H3C's (which should be the same but with newer Comware version).


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