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LLDP-MED sends voice VLAN of 0



I'm trying to use LLDP-MED to attach a Cisco 7911 VoIP phone to port ENET2 on a RAP-3WNP talking to an M3 running  However, the AP doesn't seem to be sending the voice VLAN to the phone.


I have LLDP-MED and the AP configured as follows:


ap-group "cs-rap3_raps"

 enet2-port-profile "phone_wiredport"



ap wired-port-profile "phone_wiredport"
 wired-ap-profile "phone_wiredap"
 enet-link-profile "poe_enet"
 lldp-profile "phone_lldp"
 no rap-backup
 aaa-profile "NoAuthAAAProfile"


ap wired-ap-profile "phone_wiredap"
 switchport mode trunk
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 2812


ap enet-link-profile "poe_enet"



ap lldp profile "phone_lldp"
 lldp-med-tlvs capabilities network-policy power inventory
 lldp-med-network-policy-profile "phone_lldpmed"



ap lldp med-network-policy-profile "phone_lldpmed"
 vlan 2812

The phone is appearing when I do 'show ap lldp neighbor ...' and is identified as a phone with capability 'P' but it's not picking up the voice VLAN (checking under Settings -> Network -> Operational VLAN Id).


At one point, it was picking up a VLAN ID of "0" overriding an administratively-set VLAN in the phone, but that's stopped happening with my fiddling.


I've tried advertising the DSCP/CoS values, adding and removing a signalling LLDP-MED profile and various other things (like adding another VLAN trunk native to see if it didn't like there wasn't a native VLAN on the port).  However, none worked.


Is there anything obvious missing, before I start trying to sniff traffic between the two?

Re: LLDP-MED sends voice VLAN of 0


Is E2 configure as a trunk ?

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI

Re: LLDP-MED sends voice VLAN of 0

I am not sure if that is a supported configuration.  I would open a TAC case for tracking purposes and to verify.


Alternatively, you can always set the port as untrusted and then use a user derivation rule based on MAC OUI or DHCP fingerprint to place the phone into a role where the VLAN would be applied.

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Re: LLDP-MED sends voice VLAN of 0

ENET2 is configured with the wired port profile:


ap-group "cs-rap3_raps"
 enet1-port-profile "shutdown"
 enet2-port-profile "phone_wiredport"

Which part isn't supported?  Is it not having a native VLAN on the same port?


Fundamentally, I assume having a phone on a trunk port with a tagged voice VLAN and using LLDP-MED to advertise it should be (that's the whole point of it!).


I'm not mad on using OUI or fingerprinting as that's something which I'll need to keep reviewing to check it's working - we use LLDP-MED everywhere else.

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Re: LLDP-MED sends voice VLAN of 0

Hi Bob,


I'm working on the exact same issue. Did you get LLDP to work with the Cisco phones?


Also, were you able to plug a laptop into the phone and authenticate correctly?





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Re: LLDP-MED sends voice VLAN of 0

Hi all,


I've an Alcatel-Lucent IP phone connected to the PoE port E2 of a RAP-3WNP and have it configured the way, that it should get the vlan ID through LLDP-MED. However, it doesn't work (the phone only connects untagged). Is this kind of setup even supported with the RAP3 or is it limited to the Aruba Mobility Switches? It's a kind of strange to me, that you can configure everything in the LLDP-MED network policy but nothing happens at all.


BTW: LLDP-Med is working fine with an Alcatel-Lucent LAN Switch.


Thank you for all your feedback in advance,


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Re: LLDP-MED sends voice VLAN of 0

Did you use the instructions here:? http://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS_63_Web_Help/Web_Help_Index.htm#ArubaFrameStyles/1CommandList/ap_lldp_med_network_poli.htm

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Re: LLDP-MED sends voice VLAN of 0

Hi Colin


Thank you for your fast reply.


I did the configuration through the webGUI but yes, it should be that way:


ap-group "ap_grp_rap_test"
   enet1-port-profile "rap_4082pvid_rest_tagged_lldp"
   enet2-port-profile "rap_4082pvid_rest_tagged_lldp"
ap wired-port-profile "rap_4082pvid_rest_tagged_lldp"
   wired-ap-profile "rap_4082pvid_rest_tagged"
   lldp-profile "alu_voip_lldp_med"
   aaa-profile "default"
ap lldp med-network-policy-profile "alu_voip_lldp_med"
   vlan 4084
   l2-priority 5
   dscp 46

Vlan 4084 is the voice vlan.

So generally it should work with the RAP3?




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Re: LLDP-MED sends voice VLAN of 0



Did you get this to work on the RAP. I am having a simliar issue trying get a VoIP phone to use LLDP on a RAP's wired port. Keeps using the native VLAN. I have tried setting it as both an access and a trunk port. Not sure what I am missing.

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Re: LLDP-MED sends voice VLAN of 0



Unfortunately not. I have exactly the same behavior.




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