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LMS IP Address

Hi Guys,


             Would it be a good practice to use the local controller's management ip as an LMS ip and the backup LMS ip the 2nd loocal controller's ip , or should i use a different IP (different subnet)? if advicable to use a different ip..why is that and what good would it do?


            the setup is master/backup master...local1/local2.


thanks for the help


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Re: LMS IP Address



The management IP is used as the LMS / Backup LMS ip usually. If that IP is not reachable from the AP's subnet by any chance, then you can use a different vlan interface IP of the controller as the LMS / Backup LMS. There shouldn't be any problems. 


But what is your requirement? 



Rajaguru Vincent 

Rajaguru Vincent
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Re: LMS IP Address

thanks alot for replying, the goal was which way is the best Aruba Standard.

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Re: LMS IP Address

Hi there,

From experience you may set it up on either options:

1- Using the MGMT IP as your LMS and Backup LMS as long as the VLAN your access points on can reach that MGMT IP address.


2- I usually like having a dedicated WLAN VLAN that my APs are on and the controllers have an IP address on that VLAN.


I'm curious though as to why are you using Backup LMS? why not just use LMS and have your backup comes from the HA group configurations. Just a thought.



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