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LMS IP issues with 2nd controller?

So where to start, I have a pair of 3600 controllers configed in Master/Local. I attempted to create a new AP group for use on the 2nd controller. It was my understanding that I could utilize existing VAP's with a redundant controller. So far so good or at least I think so. When I went to configure the LMS IP for the new AP Group via the GUI and saved I started having AP's drop off the controller. It appeared that though I thought I was configuring the LMS IP for a new AP Group it instead applied it as part of the default profile. Help, what did I do wrong and or is my methodology incorrect?

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Re: LMS IP issues with 2nd controller?

This is definitely supported.


First, go into the existing AP group, open the AP settings and then save the AP system profile as a new name (Save As is at the top of the screen).  That way, the existing AP group will utilize a unique AP system profile (not the default).


Then, create the new AP group and open the AP settings.  Save that AP system profile as a unique name as well. 


Now, each AP group has a unique AP system profile.


You can then make the LMS IP changes without affecting the other AP group(s).


Make sure you use the IP associated with the "controller IP" (on the first configuration screen of each controller OR "show controller-ip") in the LMS IP field.

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Re: LMS IP issues with 2nd controller?

Understood, thank you. I should have realized about the different profiles.

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