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Re: LMS OS8 preemption issue

Recent Control Messages from AP to Controller
Date       Time               Message Description
Tue Apr 23 14:21:41 2019(178 secs ago): SENT REQ type=STATUS_REPORT len=82 peer= seq_num=2 num_attempts=1 rtt=0 secs 040000004D040000000905AC1010010400BEBCF90400000002040000000104000000020607020004000000B406070200040000010407020006070200040000
Tue Apr 23 14:21:29 2019(190 secs ago): SENT REQ type=AP_READY len=25 peer= seq_num=1 num_attempts=1 rtt=0 secs 0400000014040000000105AC1010010400BEBCF90400000001
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Tue Apr 23 14:21:29 2019(190 secs ago): SENT REQ type=HELLO len=1579 peer= seq_num=0 num_attempts=1 rtt=0 secs 0400000626040000000005AC1010010400BEBCF90400000000050A113368040000001A040000000004000001660400000001040000016D040000001704000001

It looks like it is trying to find .104

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Re: LMS OS8 preemption issue

dear cjoseph,


.104 is ip back up lms,


it should try to fallback to primary lms ip which is (vip cluster sql) or (ip each MC in cluster sql)

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