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LMS Redundancy Error

Hi All


I have a scenario with 2 Controllers configured with 2 VRRP instances, to allow two controllet to back each other backup. I have 1 AP connected in the first Controller, but configured to provisioning in the second Controller, using LMS IP Configuration


If I simulate a failure in the second Controller, the AP doesn't pass to the first. If I acess the AP CLI, I receive the message below:


asap_gre_ipv4_err: Received ICMP (DEST_UNREACH, PROT_UNREACH) from for heartbeat tunnel.


Could you help me?


Best Regards


Valter Junior

Re: LMS Redundancy Error

Please consider moving to HA configuration if you can.  This was started in AOS 6.3 code.


In your scenario the LMS IP should be one of your VRRP VIPs

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Re: LMS Redundancy Error

I know the HA configuration, but this is an exercise in the MBC 6.3, so I need to know why this scenario is not working.

Best Regards.

Valter Junior
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Re: LMS Redundancy Error

Valter Junior


How are you simulating the failure ? Cable pull somewhere or VRRP mastership change. If the LMS IP becomes unreachable then the AP will be subjected to the heartbeat settings in the ap system profile before it decides what to do next (if it's a RAP that can be quite some time).


But, if the LMS IP is subjected to a VRRP mastership changes that should trigger a much faster LMS failover.





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Re: LMS Redundancy Error

Hi Jeff


I just disconnect the cable of the Controller, to simulate the failure. 


The configuration of the LMS IP is the VRRP address, but I have 2 instances, where in the each instance, one Controller is the Master. 


Best Regards. 


Valter Junior

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