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Large scale Aruba VBN solution for

Hi All, 


Can aruba VBN solution can full fill below requirments ?
The project is to connect 200 Accommodation locations on ADSL with a Backup of 4G connection. Customer will be using will be using this setup for their CCTV inrastructure and for few business PCS will be connected , each location will have approximately 4 to 6 Cameras with 2Mb to 4Mb bandwidth. There will be two HUB locations in two different Datacenters 

1. There will be two Hub locations ( DC and DR ) Both HUB Locations will be configured with High Availability locally 
2. Redundant tunnels need to be made to Each of the HUB locations and seamless failover to occur between hub locations.
3. From the spokes ADSL will be connected with failover to 4G backup.
4. In case of HUB failure Spokes should redirect the traffic to the DR Location.
5. Should be able to run routing protocols.
6 . There should be 4G wan link as bakcup for ADSL
6. option  to to apply QOS

7. There will be a dedicated router for termintaing ADSL link 
8. The solution to be managed easily

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Re: Large scale Aruba VBN solution for

Yes, this is possible with the new Aruba branch architecture with the 7000
series controllers. Your Aruba or partner SE can help you with the

| Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security | @timcappalli | timcappalli.me |

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Re: Large scale Aruba VBN solution for

Thanks cappalli for your prompt reply . 

Can you bit open how we are going to achieve tunnel redundancy over two geographical location ( Master Local with Backup LMS ?) and the option for backup tunnel with 4G link ?. And Which RAP AP we should chose for branches ?

Any VRD or related document will be much helpful .





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Re: Large scale Aruba VBN solution for

HI Friend,


Here 70XX (7000) series controllers can be deployed as Branch office controllers with UP link redundancy with Uplink health check manager, we can terminate APs as required.

Even we can deploy these controllers in Zero touch Provisioning mode.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Large scale Aruba VBN solution for

Can we acheive this by RAP which supports 3g, Does Aruba Rap supports 4G

How the failover between the two datacenters will be handled ?




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