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Latency vs. hops over a mesh network... please help?



I am new to Aruba solutions and I have a few questions regarding mesh solutions and would love some help.


If I have a mesh spanning several hops to get back to the gateway... what sort of latency can I expect? key use case for this project is Voip over the mesh... I want to know if I can span 10-20 hops over the mesh to get back to the gateway... and in doing so - what sort of latency to expect - assuming perfect LOS and approximately 80 meters between AP's.


Many thanks to all and I am grateul in advance for any and all info you can share.



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Re: Latency vs. hops over a mesh network... please help?

The typical advice is to not have mesh of over 3 hops. The other advice is to not do wireless VoIP on mesh at all due to latency that can vary greatly outside of the tolerance for VoIP.

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