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Leaky coax

Has anyone implemented an 802.11n network using leaky coax? I have a requirement to provide services inside a docked or waterborne vessel (Boat). Our design is to use PowerLine Communications PLC technology through temporary electrical services to get the signal into the hull and then plug into AP-135's for the WiFi in the necessary space.  (We are trying to keep from running network cables throughout the boat during the work period.) We have just been asked if we can use Leaky Coax to reduce the numbers of Access Points. I am trying to find someone who has implemented Leaky Coax as an antenna system for 802.11n and if so, how did it work and what type of throughput levels are being seen.

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Re: Leaky coax

Are you looking for performance or connectivity? Yes you could run leaky coax but performance is going to be poor at best.if you are going to use it why bother with 802.11n there will be no benefit over a/b/g.
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