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Legacy 802.11b

Hello to all

I have a network with 3400 parent and want to remove the legacy 802.11b.
My question is, I just removing basic rates 1, 2, 5 and 11 (DSSS) 802.11g I can already guarantee that these devices will not connect over the network? Unchecking these fees I have to enable the other, such as 6, 9, 12 ... If I disable these basic rates will not interfere with the other protocols? as 802.11g, n.
I saw some threads about it but never became clear.
It is also important to clear the transmission rates below 6?



Re: Legacy 802.11b

You are correct.  Just make sure 6 and 12 are ticked off.  on BOTH transmit AND basic rates.

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Re: Legacy 802.11b


- Removing those should not allow the .11b wireless to connect 

- You should enable air fairness

- Make sure you test this before you implement it globally since some .11n don't behave properly when you remove the lower data rates specially in a roaming event.





Thank you

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Re: Legacy 802.11b

So to ban legacy devices and allow everyone else to G, N can put my rates table as the basic annexed?
The issue of roaming devices with low  rate in N really is a case to analyze, thanks for the reminder. Now if I leave the legacy and only prevent some transmission rates degrade the environment can only limit the transmission in any of above 6?


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Re: Legacy 802.11b

Hey there,


How do i get to the Basic rate page option ? I have been souring the GUI for the function but to no avail.


*I am using IAP 225



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Re: Legacy 802.11b

Under the SSID profile on the advanced tab. ( Configuration > All Profiles > Wireless LAN > SSID)

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