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Legacy Database Exported


I need to stop an Aruba 800 due to an electric cut. So when I want to connecte with CLI or SSH after authentification I obtain this msg - sorry for my ignorance of this appliance, but I just want to log with "enable" + pwd, and do "halt" - I don't know how to delete this msg and what I must do (a new pwd is ask after > I think ?) - Sorry for my english it's not my native language and I discovered this appliance. Thanks for your ansver.

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Re: Legacy Database Exported

That is the result of an ArubaOS upgrade; it is just a backup copy of the user database from the previous version.  You can remove it or copy it off.


delete filename legacy_db.udb


or use the copy command to copy it off.


copy flash: legacy_db.udb tftp: x.x.x.x legacy_db.udb

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Re: Legacy Database Exported

Thanks :-)

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