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License Confusion - RF Protect

We recently upgraded from our 3600 to a 7205 and transfered I licenses, etc.  Everything seems to be running fine, but we are seeing an odd license issue that I can not seem to understand.


When I look at the GUI Network > Controller > License Management :

At the top under Service Status and Current Limits we see that

RF Protect = 64


But when we look at our AP licensing section it states that RF Protect Licenses = 127


In reading through the licensing materials it looks like RF Protect is an AP license so I would expect that these numbers would match.


The Overall AP License Limit = 127


We will have more than 64 APs in our deployment and want to make sure we do not have a license issue...



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Re: License Confusion - RF Protect

Type "show keys" on the commandline.


You could be running into a GUI bug.

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Re: License Confusion - RF Protect

CLI shows 64.


I think what I am seeing is that we did not have RF Protect licensing on our 3600, so we have 128 PEF and AP licenses (transfer plus our license bundle on the new controller) and then we have 64 RF Protect licenses on the new controller.



Its odd though because it was my understanding that your licensing all had to be the same?


To add to the confusion, just for kicks I popped on 10 more APs and they all provision fine and are working as expected even though our RF Protect limit says 64...  But once again our RF Protect Licenses (AP) state 128...



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Re: License Confusion - RF Protect

I am wondering if things just got a bit messed up with the license transfer, I do clearly see that the installed licenses state there are only 64 RF Protect licenses.  




Opon further investigation when we applied our transfer license keys for APs it also bumped up our RF Protect AP License count.


I have also added a couple of APs as AirMonitors and Spectrum Monitors, and out count is over 64 so not really sure what the deal is.

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Re: License Confusion - RF Protect

OK, updated to the latest 6.5.x version, now everything is fixed :)  Except for the fact that now I need to purchase 10 RFprotect licenses :( so I can get my remaining 10 APs to come back online...



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Re: License Confusion - RF Protect

Best is to contact TAC support, although you are correct it is per AP licences.

They might be able to resolve, maybe some conversion or upload issue
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Re: License Confusion - RF Protect

All licenses (AP, PEF, RFPROT) should be again if all types are installed. Period.

You could run with only AP and PEF if you don’t need RFPROT features. But still the amount of AP and PEF should be equal.

So would suggest to install a trail RFPROT key to see and proof (to the customer/management) that it is the issue and then buy the extra needed license.

Good luck
Cheers, Frank
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