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License on Master/local HA

Hi everyone,

I'm confusing about a few thing, hope someone can help me more clearly.

I'm implementing master/local HA using VRRP between 2 aruba controllers. I would like the master controller is active for VRRP group, so i set its priority higher than local controller.

1. I think master controller will controlls all AP and if it fail, local controller will do that. Is that right?

2. If i have 30 APs, I would like to have 30 licenses for each : AP capacity, RF protect, PEF , i have to order total 180 licenses ( 90 licenses for master and 90 licenses for local). Is that right?


Many thanks for help.


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Re: License on Master/local HA

Centralized licensing allows the primary and backup licensing server controllers share a single set of licenses. If you do not enable this feature, the master and backup master controller each require separate, identical license sets.



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Re: License on Master/local HA

Hi matthew,

Thanks for response :D, by this way, i can save a half cost for licenses :)

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